Great Level 1& 11 Workshop Jan 3&4, 2020 Ajijic

At total of 10 youth attended our first full two day workshop of 2020.  The workshop ran from 9:30 until 4:30 both days.  For lunch, students were served hot dogs, chips, snacks, home-made chocolate cake, and drinks.

Thanks be to God, as everyone learned many things and at the same time had a very enjoyable experience.  Two of the workshop attendees had previously attended a level I workshop held in April.

Jan 3 included a review of many of the basics associated with flying a Cessna 172, together with some new videos and discussions concerning decision-making, and emergency procedures.  Jan 4 included more discussions about being a Christian and becoming a pilot.  Martin Thorner gave a presentation which was very well received, entitled Change Your Attitude – Change You Life.  Student also worked mostly in teams in a cross country race from the Guadalajara Airport (MMGL) to the lake immediately to the south and back.  This was followed by a challenging exercise which involving finding and landing on a short grass runway. Everyone landed safely, although not everyone found or landed on the intended runway.

On Jan 4 the program also included a talk and demonstration by drone pilot Jim Miller.  You can check out the link to some of his drone photography here:, as well as a larger number of other photos on Facebook taken by good friend Alfredo Molina here:

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In the afternoon there was more flying exercises, followed by  a testimony by Terry MacDonald describing his emergency landing, because of an electrical failure on a small grass runway in Canada at 2:00 am.  Almost complete darkness as the night sky was fully overcast.  Praise and thanks be to the Lord for his mercies and grace.

The workshop wrapped up with the presentation of certificates together with snacks and drinks and a few visitors who were wanting to see what was happening.

The photos following capture just a few of the moments during the workshop. Two of the Level I and II workshop students are eligible for a local flight, with parent or guardian approval, and which is expected in the next short while. Special thanks to pilots and support provided by: Martin Thorner, Lourdes Esquivel, Pam Landone, Ted Baehr, Ernest Gebbard, and Jim Miller.  Special thanks also to Marvin Golden of Lake Chapala Real Estate for again providing an excellent venue (the Upper Room) in Ajijic for us all to use.

More workshops are now being planned.  Anyone interest in attending a workshop either for youth or adults should use the Contact form to reach out to us.  Volunteers are also welcome!

Open Hangar Dec 14 , 2019 12:00 – 3:00

WHAT: Are you interested in learning how to fly?  We’ll be doing some flight demos, passing out brochures, playing videos, etc.  Come by and test fly one of the many aircraft in the X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator

 WHO: Everyone is Welcome – Are you interested in learning about flying? Kids, youth, and adults are all welcome.  No sign-up is required!

 WHEN: Saturday Dec 14, 2019 – from 12 pm until 3:00 pm. 

 WHERE: The Upper Room – CONSTITUCIÓN # 26 – AJIJIC.  (Lake Chapala Real Estate Main Office Entrance, then upstairs to The Upper Room).

Lighthouse to All Nations Church Workshop – Day 1 B Sept 21, 2019 Regina, SK Canada

In the afternoon everyone had a chance to try their hand flying different aircraft.


Here is Atilla showing us what it is like to fly a fighter aircraft.   Sometimes it is difficult to see who is having more fun flying the coaches or the students.


Here Jim is observing one of the students practicing taking off and flying to a specifc altitude and heading.  Atilla has just made a repair to the flight simulator and has gotten it  back into action again.  Thanks Atilla!



Lighthouse to All Nations Church Workshop – Day 1 A Sept 21, 2019 Regina, SK Canada

Here are a few photos from the first day (Sep 21, 2019) of the With God as My Co-Pilot Workshop program being held at Lighthouse to All Nations Church in Regina, SK Canada. Day one of the event included orientation to flight simulation of course, but moved on to taxiing, taking off, slow flight and stalls as well as flying circuits in an airport pattern.  The importance of having God as one’s co-pilot in life was also emphasized and included a personal testimony by Atilla Csakany who is also one of our instruction team.


Jim Goldie, on the left, is teaching how to use your feet for braking and taxiing in a Cessna 172.  Jim has spent many years flying professionally and personally and is a long time aviation advocate, plus a long time active supporter of the Regina Flying Club.


Gordon McDermit,is teaching the relationship between power, air speed, altitude, and attitude.  Gordon has spent many years flying professionally and personally.  Gordon also has extensive experience in aerial spraying and has served as a flight instructor.


Atilla Csakany has became very knowledgeable in operating the Saitek flight simulator. He has also taken glider training and is an intern at Morning Star Ministries while undertaking his studies in Christian Theology.  Terry Wilson (below) is supervising students’ circuits, final approaches and landings.


A student flying the X-plane simulator while using the CH hardware yoke and rudder pedals.  This student is keen to obtain her private pilot’s license and then her commercial pilot’s license.

Student (below) is using the built in map utility to check out his exact position before landing.

Jesus on the Cross


Learn to Fly While Saving Yourself Money

If you would like to learn to fly, you can sign up for a 4 hour Udemy video course which is available online for $54.99.  It cost nothing to preview the course content. Sometimes the course is available from UDemy on sale for a much lower price. Here is the link to access the Udemy course and content preview:  The course provider uses the older FSX flight simulator software (your cost will be between $45-90) and the CH simulator yoke and rudder pedals which will costs you about $200-225 if you can find and buy a used setup, or in the neighborhood of $300-350 for a new setup.

OR ……

You can also register online for an in person hands on course, offered by 1st Christian Flight Ministry, for little or no cost and discover the same secrets about learning to fly.  With 1st Christian Flight Ministry you will have the opportunity to use the latest version of the ultra powerful X-Plane flight simulator software, plus use the larger full featured Logitech G Pro (formerly Saitek) flight simulator yoke, throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals.  You will also receive personalized coaching along every step of the way by an experienced  licensed pilot.  Check out the courses now being planned (see Courses menu), or email us of your interest and we will contact you when a course is being held near you.

Or do both.  YOU decide!

Tips for Using Flight Simulator for Training

The other day I came across this video on YouTube that provides a useful add-ons and how you can get them for the X-Plane flight simulator to enhance the flight training experience.  It’s from 2016, but still relevant. Here is the link is:



July Event With Youth For Christ

We are excited to be planning a workshop with Youth for Christ Regina on July 23 from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm.  This will be as we say “a pilot” workshop”.  We will be using a couple of Saitek Flight Simulators and the X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator Software.   This will be a pre-introductory workshop and will highlight a couple of areas of the With God as My Co-Pilot workshop program.  Should be a lot of fun for those who will be able to attend. 

Flying With The Kids from Morning Star School

On June 19, 2019 I had the privilege to spend a couple of hours with a group of really great kids from Morning Star School.   We began by talking about flying and airplanes and also about what is involved in pursuing flying as a career.

I did a short presentation about flight and aircraft.  I also told a real “With God as My Co-Pilot” story about an emergency landing I was forced to make during a late night – early morning cross country fight. There were lots of good questions and following the talk I did a demonstration on the Saitek flight simulator using X-Plane 11.   Afterwards all of the kids had the chance to see if they could taxi, take-off, and land an airplane.  While I thought everyone did really great for a first try, two of them did excellent and actually landed without crashing. Taxiing using their feet was perhaps the most difficult for most  kids. Yes it really is harder than it looks, especially if you don’t have prior experience.  Even Lynnette Cyr, their teacher gave it a try and she did very good – but I will not say if she was one of the novice pilots who crash landed or who landed successfully.

Here are a couple of the photos we took.

Youngest Student

Getting Set Up Again in Canada


Moving Forward During May 2019

This last month or so has been devoted to reviewing our experiences in Mexico in April “With God as My Co-Pilot” youth training.  The review we did (thanks to everyone who was involved) was quite helpful and identified new ways of approaching the training as well as identified the importance of having younger pilots involved in speaking to youth.

This month has also involved buying the bits and pieces needed to put together two working flight simulator setups. Each setup requires a desktop with enough speed and memory, a descent graphics card, speakers, monitor, the simulator itself (yoke, throttle quadrant, and pedals), and of course the software (X-plane 11, plus FSX since it can be used in some situations where X-plane may not always work as well). Most of the pieces comes from Amazon, eBay, Kijiji, and AliExpress. The last piece I need is required to upgrade the cpu for one of the work station – it is ordered and expected in a week or two.

I’ve also been updating the syllabus for a new three-day workshop for use in Canada this summer.  I’ll be posting new training programs on the website later on next month.

Help Wanted:  If anyone in the Regina area has flying experience and / or flight simulation experience and is interested in helping out in the “With God as My Co-Pilot”, please feel free to contact me asap and we can discuss the possibilities available!  Morning Star Ministries have kindly hosted the program over the last two years, with some support from the Regina Flying Club. This year  I am planning on approaching more churches to help host a youth program (and possibly an adult program) in Regina this summer – so more help and interest really is needed.