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 1st Christian Flight Ministry actually began at least in concept more than 20 years ago.  It was at that time that I, as a freshly minted low time commercial pilot and a senior manager who had studied leadership and management effectiveness, saw the many similarities between flying and managing. While things like planning, communicating, deciding and implementing were different – their importance in terms of real life success and even survival were the same in “flying” and in “managing”.  Subsequently,  some 12 years ago, as a then new Christian I began to discover “following” Jesus in life contained some of the very same lessons I had needed to learn when I was flying, and managing.  It too involved caring, learning, understanding, self-awareness, sacrifice, discipline,  and commitment.  The only difference being that the consequence of following or not following Jesus seemed immensely more serious than not managing well or flying poorly. Somewhere along the way I realized that God really was WITH me, was caring for me, was helping me, and was guiding me all along the way.  All I needed to do was to listen to Him, and I would be OK, regardless of the circumstances.

Thus the concept of “With God as My Co-Pilot” was born.  The idea of using flight simulation to teach people, young and old, about flying, and about Jesus Christ came very shortly thereafter.   Should you wish to know more, you may return to the home page  and scroll to the end.     t.



A Ministry Dedicated to Your Success

Our aim is to help YOU to learn and to grow as a whole person, and also if you chose to do so, to develop a meaningful relationship with God.

Learn the Basics of Flying Safely

If you are interested in flying this is your opportunity to not only talk about flying with pilots, but also to discover all of the fundamental skills and steps required, to become one.

Starting a Relationship with Jesus

Some of you may be baptized as Christians, and already be following Jesus. If so – Great! If not, we are always glad to share our experiences with you and to described some steps (non-denominational in nature) that you might find helpful, in starting or developing your personal relationship with Him.

Hands on Fun

Whether you are a complete novice or even an experience pilot, we can guarantee you will enjoy your time sitting at the controls and flying a Cessna 172 trainer, or a high performance aerobatic Yak -55M sports plane, or even a massive Boeing 737-800 jetliner.

Our Pilots

Donald Spangler

Pilot / Instructor

Ted Baehr

Private Pilot

Julio Alberto Raygoza Villanueva

Private Pilot

Ernest Gabbard

Pilot / Instructor